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Ok so get this... we're a team of maybe somewhat talented entrepreneurs, with a very interesting entrepreneurial journey. And we're here to talk about stuff...

What kind of stuff?

Glad you asked! The podcast provides entrepreneurs, businesses and anyone who is interested in running their own business with tips, news, guides, knowledge and funny stories from industry leading experts.

The podcast is hosted by Joe Todd, former CEO of Yellow Production, the guys behind Fake Taxi, Public Agent and so many other brands you enjoy on the daily - then we have our special guest hosts Terry McGinnis, the man with the plan, and Kartik Gurmule the Diamond of Nagpur.

We don't take ourselves too seriously and love to have a good time, with our guests and our listeners. So hover below and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite streaming service! Or listen to it on the website by clicking on 'Podcast'. Don't forget to also check out Dropshyp